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U-M hosts U.S. debut
Don't Miss: "Midnight's Children" premieres

"Midnight's Children," based on Salman Rushdie's award-winning novel, will have its U.S. premiere at the Power Center March 12-16.
The Company (above), and Neil D'Souza, Sirine Saba and Meneka Das (below) from “Midnight’s Children”

The production concludes a 16-day residency featuring the Royal Shakespeare Company that was funded, in part, by the University, as well as support from the University Musical Society. Additional support for the stage adaptation of "Midnight's Children" was made possible by Columbia University.

"Midnight's Children" tells the life story of Saleem Sinai, from his birth in Bombay at midnight on August 14/15, 1947—the moment India gained its independence—to the year 1978. The play is not only Sinai's story, but a record of India's coming of age from its gifted infancy to its troubled adulthood.

Prior to the play's March 12 premiere, Rushdie will appear at three events at Rackham Auditorium. At 7 p.m. March 11 and 11 a.m. March 12, Rushdie will participate in public interviews. From 1:30-4:30 p.m. March 12, Rushdie will appear at the international symposium, "Reflections on the World of Salman Rushdie."

The 2003 Michigan Residency is the second in a planned three-residency agreement over a five-year period (2001-2005) between the RSC and the University. The third and final residency is in 2005.

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