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Updated 10:00 AM April 4, 2005




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Business and Finance to survey customers

As the Business and Finance (B&F) organization looks to the future, it will seek input from University employees on the job it is doing today.

Under the direction of Timothy Slottow, executive vice president and chief financial officer, and his leadership team, the approximately 2,500 employees of B&F have been engaged in an integrated strategic framework and planning process to create alignment with the University's strategic direction as outlined last spring by President Mary Sue Coleman.

B&F employees strive to "Make Blue Go" by continuing to focus on being a high-performance organization. The slogan was expanded to the entire organization this winter from its Plant Operations origin in the late 1990s.

"Our organizational vision is to provide deep technical and business expertise to the University community; understand the University's businesses through assessment and service; and serve as the fiduciaries or stewards of the University assets (e.g. physical, financial, information, human and technology assets)," Slottow says.

B&F departments include Financial Analysis, Financial Operations, Human Resources & Affirmative Action, Investment Office, Michigan Administrative Information Services, Occupational Safety and Environmental Health, Parking and Transportation, Plant Extension-Architecture, Engineering and Construction, Plant Operations, Public Safety, Purchasing, Stores and Business Services, and the Treasurer's Office.

As part of the planning process, B&F leadership will survey customers in April to measure how the organization is delivering on its vision. The survey, which will be conducted with randomly selected customers, also will provide insight on key strengths and areas of improvement. Customers will be asked to rate such services as custodial, accounts payable, benefits office, public safety, computer systems and purchasing.

"We truly value our customers' experiences and hope that if you receive a survey, you will share your perspectives to help Business and Finance better serve the University community," Slottow says.

For more information about B&F's strategic framework, see For information on the survey, contact the B&F Customer Survey Committee at

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