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Updated 10:00 AM April 11, 2005




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Nanoscale Science and Engineering Initiative
U-M puts $10M into nano initiative

A new initiative in nanoscale science and engineering will establish a $10 million fund to support faculty recruitment, seed funding for new research directions, and equipment and infrastructure development during the next four years.

The Nanoscale Science and Engineering Initiative (NSEI)—sponsored by the Office of the Vice President for Research, in cooperation with the College of Engineering, LSA, the School of Public Health and the Medical School—will be created this month.

"The federal government has identified nanotechnology as a 'socially transforming' technology equivalent to antibiotics or the integrated circuit," says Fawwaz Ulaby, vice president for research. "Michigan has been actively engaged in this area of research, and this initiative will help expand our capabilities and contributions and place the University among the nation's leaders."

NSEI will focus on three major areas that have been identified as particular strengths within the University: nanomaterials, nanoelectronics and nanobiotechnology. University resources will be invested in ways that should improve the faculty's ability to compete for and conduct large-scale research efforts in nanoscience and nanotechnology, Ulaby says.

All activities under the NSEI will be supported by a 1:1 match of initiative funds and funds from the participating school or college.

NSEI will be administered through two committees. A steering committee will develop proposal guidelines and oversee proposal review. Professor Steven Ceccio, associate vice president for research, will chair it. The members will include faculty active in nanoscience and engineering and research associate deans from the most NSE-active schools and colleges.

The NSEI executive committee, chaired by Ulaby, will develop policy, approve funding commitments and take up other strategy questions raised by the steering committee. Members will include the deans of the Medical School, College of Engineering, LSA and the School of Public Health.

Funding proposals to the NSE steering committee will be accepted throughout the year. Final decisions on proposals will be provided approximately one month after submission. Proposals especially are welcome from collaborating groups of faculty who envision establishing a major center in nanoscale science and engineering. Smaller-scale project proposals also will be considered, but will receive lower priority.

Proposal guidelines are available at Questions can be directed to Ceccio at (734) 936-3933 or

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