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Updated 11:00 AM November 1, 2004




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Senate Assembly vote paves path for faculty
to evaluate administrators

A new Senate Assembly committee is finalizing a process that will give faculty members the opportunity to take part in evaluations of U-M's top administrators.

During its monthly meeting Oct. 25, the Assembly approved measures to create and charge an Administration Evaluation Committee (AEC) to carry out assessments, beginning during the next few weeks.

Under the plan, faculty will have the opportunity to review the performance of the president, the chancellors and the provosts on the three campuses, beginning in the third year of the administrator's term, and annually thereafter. The committee will select certain deans and department chairs to review annually.

The AEC is finalizing a Web-based questionnaire that will allow faculty to complete evaluations and give input. The results will be reported by the AEC to the affected administrators, the Board of Regents and the faculty.

"We polled faculty about their priorities for this year, and there was no question faculty input into the evaluation of administrators was a high priority," says Stan Berent, chair of SACUA and the Assembly. "This brings closure to the issue, and allows the inaugural evaluations to be attempted.

"There are many processes in place for the evaluation of the University's administrators. Whether this will become a part of that remains to be seen."

John Lehman, professor of biology and secretary of the faculty, will chair AEC. Lehman and other faculty members created an evaluation process during the summer working as a provisional AEC that will continue through the end of the fall term.

Lehman says evaluations will begin later this term after the subjects for the first round are chosen.

The Assembly will appoint new AEC members next term.

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