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Updated 11:00 AM September 27, 2004




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Photo: Sitar man

"I like any good music something that doesn't hurt my senses or my ears, bang bang," sitar virtuoso Ravi Shankar said Sept. 23 at Rackham Auditorium during an interview conducted by Stephen Rush, associate professor of dance and performing arts technology. Shankar said he has been a target a criticism in India throughout his life, chiefly when George Harrison became his pupil. "I became like the fifth Beatle," he said. But in recent years, he said, criticism of his blending of musical styles has died down. Shankar performed at Hill Auditorium Sept. 24. The interview was presented by the School of Music's Department of Musicology and the University Musical Society (UMS), and the performance was sponsored by UMS. (Photo by Martin Vloet, U-M Photo Services)

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