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Updated 10:00 AM April 17, 2006




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Photos: Clements Library new home for '06 SF quake photo tome


On the eve of the 100th anniversary of the San Francisco earthquake April 18, the William Clements Library shares photographs of the natural disaster that nearly devastated the city, and was felt from Oregon to south of Los Angeles, and east to central Nevada. The library recently acquired a book of photographs to add to its collection of images from the event. The recent acquisitions are gelatin silver prints by an unknown photographer. Scenes depicted include the Goldberg & Bowen Stables on Bush near Kearney, and Chinatown. "We look generally for American scenes of the past; it's something we're known for," says Clements Library Curator Clayton Lewis, adding the new photos likely will be posted soon on the Clements Library Web page, (Photos courtesy Clements Library)

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