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Updated 3:00 PM May 2, 2006




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$142,050 to student writers at 75th Hopwood awards

Great writers from around the world converged on the University April 21, and 36 students shared $142,050 in prizes to become part of the legacy of Avery Hopwood.

Past winners, including Lawrence Kasdan, writer and director of "The Big Chill'' were among those who were to return to U-M to celebrate the Hopwood's 75th anniversary. Creative writing professor and author Charles Baxter was scheduled to deliver the Hopwood Lecture. The University Record will share highlights of the 75th celebration, which took place after press time, in the May 8 issue.

The latest student winners, who come from across the country and around the world, are listed by hometown.

Ann Arbor: Monamie Bhadra, Hopwood Undergraduate Essay, $3,500; Brad Hughes, Hopwood Drama, $3,500; Cyan James, Hopwood Graduate Essay $5,500 and John Wagner Prize, $800; Jon Liberzon, Hopwood Undergraduate Poetry, $7,000 and Paul and Sonia Handleman Poetry Award, $2,200; Jennifer Metsker, Hopwood Graduate Poetry, $6,000 and the Helen S. and John Wagner Prize, $800; Christina McCarroll, Leonard and Eileen Newman Writing Prize in Fiction, $1,000; Derek Mong, Hopwood Graduate Essay, $3,000; Phoebe Nobles, Hopwood Graduate Short Fiction, $3,000; Erik Schielke, Hopwood Screenplay, $5,000 and Naomi Saferstein Literary Award $1,000.

Other Michigan winners include: Alaina Schempp, Belleville, Hopwood Screenplay, $4,000 and Leonard and Eileen Newman Prize in Dramatic Writing, $1,000; Ann Marie Thornburg, Dearborn, Hopwood Undergraduate Poetry, $3,000; Rachel Ann Harkai, Grand Rapids, Hopwood Undergraduate Essay, $2,000; Michael Pifer, Kalamazoo,Hopwood Undergraduate Essay, $3,000; Mary Gallagher, Warbelow, Plymouth, Hopwood Undergraduate Short Fiction, $3,000 and Stanley S. Schwartz Prize, $500; Bryan Kelly, Sterling Heights, Hopwood Novel, $2,500; Ryan K. Jory, Swartz Creek, Hopwood Undergraduate Short Fiction, $3,000; Margaret LeDuc, Washington Hopwood Undergraduate Essay, $3,000; Carlin Danz, Wyandotte, Hopwood Undergraduate Short Fiction, $7,000 and Robert F. Haugh Prize, $2,200; Laura Hunsberger, Wyoming Hopwood Undergraduate Essay, $2,000.

Winners from outside Michigan, include: Mika Perrine, Ashland, Wisc., Hopwood Graduate Short Fiction, $3,000; Karyna McGlynn, Austin, Texas, Hopwood Graduate Poetry, $6,000; K.C. Trommer, Bangor, Maine, Meader Family Award, $1,500; Celeste Ng, Cleveland, Ohio, Hopwood Graduate Short Fiction, $7,000 and Andrea Beauchamp Prize, $800; Ashley David, Gainesville, Ga., Hopwood Graduate Essay, $3,000; Joshua Edwards, Kemah, Texas, Meader Family Award, $1,500; Sara Grace Willihnganz, Louisville, Ky., Hopwood Undergraduate Poetry, $2,500; Brittani Sonnenberg, Minneapolis, Minn., Hopwood Drama, $2,000; Ariel Djanikian, Narbeth, Pa., Hopwood Graduate Essay, $3,500 and Chamberlain Award for Creative Writing, $2,600; Tania Strauss, New York, N.Y., Arthur Miller Award of the University of Michigan Club of New York Scholarship Fund, $2,000 tuition credit; Mike Rudin, Northbrook, Ill., Hopwood Novel, $5,000; Elizabeth Mitchell, Perrysburg, Ohio, Theodore Roethke Prize for the Long Poem or Poetic Sequence, $5,000; Britta Ameel, Salt Lake, Utah, the Meader Family Award $1,500; Taemi Lim, Seattle, Hopwood Drama, $3,500; Brandon Hall, Williamsport, Pa., Hopwood Screenplay Contest, $3,000 and Kasdan Scholarship in Creative Writing, $5,500.

Winners from outside the United States, include: Peter Zaragoza Mayshle, Antipolo, Philippines, Hopwood Drama, $3,500; Preeta Samarasan, Hopwood Novel, $6,000, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Geoffrey James Gosling Prize $650 and Hopwood Graduate Short Fiction, $2,000.

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