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Updated 10:00 AM July 24, 2006




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International Institute units awarded $7.7M in grants

The U.S. Department of Education has awarded more than $7.7 million in four-year grants to the International Institute area studies units.

The awards were made following competitive peer review of proposals submitted to the Department of Education's National Resource Centers (NRC) and Foreign Languages and Area Studies Title VI Programs (FLAS).

The NRC Program provides grants to higher education institutions for area studies centers that serve as national resources for research, training and outreach related to specific world regions. The FLAS Program provides grants for graduate-level academic year and summer fellowships to support foreign language and area studies training.

Both programs serve as anchors for extended and enduring regional studies across disciplines at U-M and other selected U.S. universities. The International Institute awards went to the following units:

• East Asia units, including the Center for Chinese Studies, Center for Japanese Studies and Korean Studies Program, received an NRC award for $234,600 for 2006-2007. The project director is Mark West, Nippon Life Professor of Law.

• The Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program received an NRC award for $220,896 and an FLAS award of $167,500 for 2006-2007. The project director is Associate Professor of history Sueann Caulfield.

• The Center for Middle Eastern and North African Studies was awarded $242,513 in NRC grants and $248,500 in FLAS funding for 2006-2007. The center is directed by Marcia Inhorn, professor of health behavior and health education, women's studies and anthropology.

• The Center for Russian and East European Studies received an NRC award of $231,494 and an FLAS award of $221,500. The center is directed by Michael D. Kennedy, professor of sociology.

• The Center for South Asian Studies was awarded $154,500 in FLAS funding. The center is directed by history professor Barbara Metcalf.

• The Center for Southeast Asian Studies was awarded $208,500 in FLAS funding. The center is directed by Linda Lim, professor of corporate strategy and international business.

The U-M International Institute is dedicated to research, education and service in international and area studies and creates opportunities to support faculty, student and public engagement with a diverse and inter-connected world. It promotes education in the world's languages, societies and environments, organizes public programs on international issues and supports collaborative projects with partners around the globe.

The institute also helps recruit international faculty, visiting scholars and students to the University. For more information, visit

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