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Updated 9:00 AM June 21, 2006




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Johnson, Wilkin named interim co-University librarians

Brenda Johnson, associate University librarian for public services, and John Wilkin, associate University librarian for library information technology and technical and access services, will serve as interim co-University librarians, effective July 1. Their appointments, recommended by the provost and reviewed by the Personnel, Compensation and Governance Committee of the board of Regents, are pending full board approval. Johnson and Wilkin will replace James Hilton, associate provost and interim University librarian, who has accepted a position at the University of Virginia.
Johnson (File Photo/Bill Wood, U-M Photo Services)

Johnson earned her graduate degree in library science from Rutgers University and began her professional career there in 1979 as a reference librarian, later assuming responsibility for interlibrary loan services and New Jersey Reference Services. She joined U-M in 1985, serving in several positions over the years, including coordinator of public services technology use and head of the Social Sciences Cluster. Since 1997 she has served as associate University librarian with responsibility for policy development, evaluation of and planning for public services, resource allocations and personnel actions, and other administrative and professional activities that maintain and enhance the provision of library services to the U-M and broader community.

She is directly responsible for the leadership and direction of the 19 libraries of the University that employ more than 200 full-time staff members.

Under her administration the University Library has pioneered many services and programs, such as the Instructor College, Café Shapiro, Ask Us Now and the Field Librarian program.

Wilkin earned his master's degree in English from the University of Virginia and his library science degree from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. In 1986 he joined the University Library and later assumed responsibility for the English and American language and literature collection development.
Wilkin (File Photo/Paul Jaronski, U-M Photo Services)

Soon after, he implemented a campus-wide service for the analysis of electronic text and encoding text in Standard Generalized Markup Language. In 1992 he began work at the University of Virginia as the systems librarian for information services but returned to U-M in 1994 to serve as head of the Digital Library Production Service (DLPS), initiated in 1996. Among the units in the DLPS is the Humanities Text Initiative, which he founded in 1994.

Currently Wilkin is responsible for the Library Information Technology Division, which provides the infrastructure to digitize and access digital collections, provides and sustains a comprehensive desktop computing environment for patrons and staff, supports the library's Web presence, and provides frameworks and systems to coordinate library technology activities. Wilkin also heads the Technical and Access Services unit that provides primary support of acquisition, cataloging and document delivery for the University Library.

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