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Updated 9:00 AM June 21, 2006




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Sculpture will make a mark

In celebration of U-M-Flint's 50th anniversary, the Ruth Mott Foundation and the U-M-Flint Alumni Society have commissioned an outdoor sculpture to be created through a partnership of artists and community members. The functional public art piece will be placed on campus for the entire community to enjoy.
(Image courtesy U-M-Flint)

On one side of the sculpture is a design that viewed from a distance appears to be a large fingerprint. A fingerprint represents something unique to each person, yet it doesn't distinguish race, creed, age or gender.

It is the artists' intent for the public to be intrigued and upon closer examination notice that in some of the pieces made of cast porcelain are the faces, quotes and signatures of many historical and contemporary social reformers and civic icons.

The fingerprint image will be fabricated with a mixture of glass and glazed porcelain tile. The masonry will be cast concrete. Three concentric benches form an abstract ripple effect that will be inscribed with the three points of the University's strategic plan—the top circle represents student centeredness, the middle academic excellence and the foundation civic engagement.

The design of the glass mosaic sculpture is the work of two local artists, Marcy Yurk and Guy Adamac. It was inspired by a concept from U-M-Flint faculty member Michael Sevick.

The approximately $100,000 work of art is being made possible by a grant from the Ruth Mott Foundation, which operates Applewood, the historic estate of Charles Stewart and Ruth Mott, and a $6,000 gift from the U-M-Flint Alumni Society.

Now through the summer, the public will have the opportunity to help create the sculpture both at Applewood and at U-M-Flint.

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