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Updated 10:00 AM October 31, 2005




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Printing Services, M-Stores to reduce operations

In an effort to keep up with changing markets and meet budget realities, Procurement, Logistics and Business Services has announced reductions in Printing Services and M-Stores.

"Our budget challenges have prompted us to examine areas where we can improve our effectiveness and focus resources on delivery of core services to support the University's supply chain and business service needs," says Peggy Norgren, associate vice president for finance. "I'm confident that these difficult choices will make us a stronger, more agile organization."

Printing Services will eliminate its six-color press and no longer accept orders to provide large format, multi-color printing, effective immediately. Patricia Squires, assistant director of procurement and head of Printing Services, says the unit will continue to provide full-service options for small-format prepress, offset printing and finishing. University units will continue to order their stationery products online from Printing Services.

Staff will work with customers whose printing needs cannot be satisfied by Printing Services to identify outside vendors who can provide the needed services. Squires says other units within Michigan Business Services will not be impacted by the reductions.

Norgren says the change is necessitated by declining campus budgets for printing, increased digitization and aggressive competition in the commercial market for printing.

M-Stores will eliminate its custom meat-cutting services and will make additional staff reductions in other parts of the organization to increase efficiency.

"Quite simply, the demand for custom cuts of meat has not provided the volume needed to cover our costs in this area," Norgren says. "We have already worked with campus clients on this change and do not anticipate any concern arising from the decision to eliminate this service."

In total, Printing Services will have a reduction of 15 positions and M-Stores 10. Although a small number are open positions, the majority will be accomplished through reduction in force (RIF).

"These are difficult decisions," Norgren says. "In an effort to cushion the impact on employees and due to the very specialized nature of printing and meat cutting, we are providing some services in addition to the normal assistance with RIF placement. We have hired an outside agency specializing in career counseling and job placement to assist all affected staff and are providing an allowance for career training opportunities over the next year."

Procurement, Logistics and Business Services will continue to evaluate how it purchases, stores and distributes food to its customers, Norgren says. A consultant also will be retained to review all distribution and warehouse activities on campus and in the U-M Health System to determine opportunities for improved efficiencies and services.

Throughout these changes, Norgren says, Procurement, Logistics and Business Services "will continue to focus on our commitment to provide premiere business services to fulfill customer needs and to support the University in reaching its goals of excellence in education, research and community service."

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