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Police Beat

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Engines damaged to obtain metal

DPS is investigating reports that five U-M service vehicles were damaged in late January when someone stole the catalytic converters from the vans and trucks. The vehicles had been parked Jan. 29 in lot SC-36 at the corner of Keech and Main streets. Overnight, one or more suspects used a power-cutting tool to remove the emissions control devices. Area police indicate similar reports in other jurisdictions are on the rise as the price of scrap metal escalates. DPS warns vehicle owners to park in well-lit areas and immediately report to police any suspicious activity near parked vehicles.

DPS, ITSS continue phishing alerts

The Department of Public Safety (DPS) and Information Technology Security Services issued alerts to the University community in January regarding ongoing e-mail phishing scams. Again recently, many University e-mail boxes have received messages appearing to be sent by TCF Bank, the U-M Credit Union, eBay, PayPal and other financial institutions, requesting recipients update their banking information. These requests are fraudulent and responding to them can result in loss of money from bank accounts or even identity theft. Some phishing scams appear to reward the recipient for completing short surveys. These bogus surveys ask the recipient to supply a bank account number in order for the reward to be deposited.

Students, faculty and staff who have responded to the fraudulent e-mails immediately should contact their banks to file fraud alerts and then contact DPS (734/763-1131) to file a police report.

For tips on avoiding identity theft, visit or for more information about phishing scams, visit the Federal Trade Commission site at

Fire in SAB restroom causes little damage

Firefighters from the Ann Arbor Fire Department extinguished an active fire Jan. 2 in a Student Activities Building restroom. As firefighters arrived around 5 p.m., heavy smoke filled the lower level men's restroom and nearby hallway. The source of the fire was found to be a toilet seat paper dispenser. No injuries were sustained and no significant property damage resulted.

No charges filed in Northwood incident

A 22-year-old resident of Northwood Community Apartments was released from jail after the county prosecutor's office determined there was insufficient evidence to support arrest charges following a Jan. 25 dispute with his mother-in-law. DPS officers had taken the resident into custody after the 56-year-old victim claimed her son-in-law had threatened her with a knife.

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