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Updated 11:00 AM July 16, 2007




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University and LEO have tentative agreement

The Lecturers Employee Organization (LEO) and the University reached a tentative agreement June 27 on their second collective bargaining agreement. The terms will not be disclosed until the union conducts its membership ratification vote, which is expected to occur in early September. Once ratified, the new contract will be effective from that date through May 15, 2010.

LEO represents about 1,300 full and part-time lecturers and adjunct faculty at all three U-M campuses.

Kirsten Herold, lecturer in the department of English Language and Literatures in Ann Arbor and LEO’s chief negotiator, characterized the new agreement as a solid step forward for LEO members.

“We were able to make improvements in all the articles we opened, get overall raises for all our members, and raised up the floor for our lowest paid members,” Herold says.

“This new agreement provides a fair salary increase for the coming academic year and continues the University’s commitment of providing increased stability and benefits for those lecturers who have a continuing role with us,” says Jeff Frumkin, assistant provost and chief negotiator for the University.

Provost Teresa Sullivan says the tentative agreement reflects the lessons the University and LEO garnered from the 2004 agreement.

“It includes improvements in salaries and benefits for lecturers, while retaining flexibility for adjusting to changes in enrollment and to budgetary constraints. In addition, it amends and clarifies practices such as annual reviews and recall rights. I want to thank the members of each bargaining team for their hard work in reaching this agreement.”

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