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Updated 3:00 PM July 30, 2007




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UMHHC again named among nation's best

The U-M Hospitals and Health Centers once again has earned a place among the best hospitals in the nation, according to rankings compiled by U.S. News & World Report.

In its 12th straight year of making the upper echelon of the magazine's honor roll of America's Best Hospitals, U-M comes in at 14th among the top 18, and fourth among hospitals affiliated with public universities. No other Michigan hospitals made the honor roll.

U-M also achieved a high national ranking in nearly all of the magazine's 16 medical specialty categories. In many cases, it was the only Michigan hospital ranked among the top few dozen in the country for each specific treatment area. Of the 5,462 hospitals considered for the rankings, only 173 made the list in even one specialty.

In one category, for treatment of ear, nose and throat diseases, U-M made the top 10 in the country, ranking sixth. Geriatrics, the treatment of older adults, was restored to the U.S.News rankings this year at 12th in the nation. Kellogg Eye Center moved up to 16th in the country.

Other high rankings for specialty care included rehabilitation, at 13th in the country; endocrinology, which includes Michigan Comprehensive Diabetes Center treatment programs, at 14th; rheumatology treatment for joint and autoimmune disorders at 14th; and urology and digestive disorders, which both came in at 15th nationally.

The specialty care of the Comprehensive Cancer Center and Cardiovascular Center also ranked highly, at 21st and 22nd in the nation, respectively.

U.S.News has not yet released its 2007 rankings for pediatric care, which means that C.S. Mott Children's Hospital's care for children was not included in U-M's overall hospital rating. Mott was rated among the best in the country and the best in Michigan, earlier this year by Child magazine.

"Once again, the hard work of our nearly 19,000 physicians, nurses, allied health professionals and staff has been justly recognized, and we should all be proud of what we have achieved not only on this ranking but also on many other measures of our high-quality care," says Doug Strong, director and chief executive officer of the UMHHC. "The people of Michigan, and the nation, can turn to us with confidence that they will receive top-notch care for any medical condition, based on solid medical evidence and research."

For the 2007 America's Best Hospitals rankings, U-M's rankings in each specialty category are:

• Overall: 14
• Cancer: 21
• Digestive Disorders: 15
• Ear, Nose & Throat: 6
• Endocrinology: 14
• Geriatrics: 12
• Heart & Heart Surgery: 22
• Kidney Disease: 20
• Neurology & Neurosurgery: 32
• Ophthalmology (eye care): 16
• Orthopedics: 20
• Rehabilitation: 13
• Respiratory Disorders: 17
• Rheumatology: 14
• Urology: 15

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