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Updated 3:00 PM July 30, 2007




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U-M-Flint breaks ground for student housing

A crowd of about 700 joined the groundbreaking celebration on July 16 for the first student residence hall on the campus of U-M-Flint. Acting Chancellor Jack Kay told the crowd the large turnout reflected the interest the community has in the project.
The U-M-Flint community celebrates during a groundbreaking for the campus' first residence hall. Turning shovels above were (from left): Ghassan Saab, Sorenson Gross Construction; Gene Carroll, Newmann/Smith; State Senator Deb Cherry; Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Timothy Slottow; Acting Flint Chancellor Jack Kay; Chancellor Emeritus Juan Mestas; Regent Olivia Maynard; C.S. Mott Foundation-Vice President for Communications Marilyn LeFeber; Student Government President Candace Sharon and Flint Mayor Don Williamson. Below, more than 700 people attended the program. (Photos by Mel Serow, U-M-Flint)

"I am thrilled that so many of you have chosen to celebrate this momentous occasion with us, since this is a celebration of not just our campus, but of this community as well. It is in fact, a victory for the future of Flint."

Kay noted it was Chancellor Juan Mestas' vision to bring housing to the Flint campus. The day of the ceremony was Mestas' last day as the leader of U-M-Flint.

"Over the last two weeks, since the announcement of his resignation, accolades have poured in, paying tribute to our chancellor for his steadfast belief that the addition of student housing would enhance this campus and community. It is fitting that today, on his last official day as chancellor of the University of Michigan-Flint that his hard work has come to fruition in the form of this groundbreaking ceremony."

Regents approved the 310-bed facility in October of 2006. Construction of the 100,000 square foot, four-story building will begin in late July or early August. The cost of the project is $21.3 million, to be provided from U-M-Flint resources, gifts and grants.

The new residence hall will be located near the Murchie Science building on what is now Parking Lot G, which is situated on the southern edge of the campus adjacent to First Street and Willson Park.

U-M-Flint adopted a strategic plan to grow enrollment from 6,500 students to 8,000 by 2010. A key element of this plan is to create the option for a residential experience for students.

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