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Updated 3:00 PM July 30, 2007




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Art Fair awakens sleepy mid-July campus

The Ann Arbor Art Fairs draw patrons to booths along 30 city blocks, including the State Street area, pictured through a window at the School of Art & Design Work gallery, bottom left (Photo by Todd McKinney). Top left, Bob Thielen from Davison, Mich., peruses artist Sally Thielen's South Eagle Woman Hand Made Paper and Porcelain on State Street. At top right, a man assesses toy art creations including an airplane, horses and a duck. More eclectic creations, at above left, are chickens by Adrian Caplan, the acrylic on canvas work "Flu-Like Symptoms" by Matthew Zivich, and "TV" by Carol Zak (Photo by Todd McKinney). Above right, Mika and Jollie Turgon from Lima, Ohio, look at radiometers presented as part of the "42 Degrees" display on East William. Below right, an onlooker views a brilliant red pot. Established in 1960, the event is made up of four separate street fairs that draw an estimated 500,000 to the campus area and downtown Ann Arbor. (All photos by Martin Vloet, U-M Photo Services, except as noted).



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