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Updated 2:00 PM November 8, 2006




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Donate for Big Game blood rivalry

Faculty, staff and students can help extend the celebrated rivalry between U-M and Ohio State beyond the football field and into blood donation centers during the 25th annual Blood Battle Nov. 6 (today) -17.

Organizers ask those who never have given blood to consider making a donation, and remind loyal donors that now would be a great time to give the gift of life once again. They also urge donors to eat iron-rich foods and drink lots of water before donating.

The American Red Cross often finds it difficult to meet hospitals' needs for blood. Every two seconds of every day someone needs blood, whether it is for children with sickle cell disease, trauma victims, selected surgeries or chemotherapy.

To be prepared for everyday patients' needs and for unexpected disasters, a seven-day inventory of blood is needed. Organizers say on most days this fall, the inventory reserve has been measured in hours, not days.

In the past, this region has obtained additional blood from other parts of the country. These sources, however, have declined because of national shortages. Donating a pint of blood will help ensure that local needs are met.

Signing up is easy; for details or to make an appointment, go to the Red Cross link on the Blood Battle Web page,, and enter the sponsor code "goblue."

Dates, times and locations are listed below. Questions and comments can be directed to

25th annual U-M vs. Ohio State Blood Battle: Nov. 6-17

11/6 2-8 p.m. Michigan Union
3-9 p.m. Bursley Res. Hall
10 a.m. - 4 p.m. School of Nursing

11/7 2-8 p.m. Michigan Union
11 a.m.-5 p.m. Chrysler Center
2-8 p.m. Couzens Res. Hall

11/8 2-8 p.m. Michigan Union
2-8 p.m. Alice Lloyd Res. Hall
11/9 2-8 p.m. Michigan Union
2-8 p.m. West Quad Res. Hall

11/10 2-8 p.m. Michigan Union
2-8 p.m. East Hall Atrium
2-8 p.m. Stockwell Res. Hall

11/12 9 a.m.-9 p.m. St. Mary's Student Parish

11/13 2-8 p.m. Michigan Union
2-8 p.m. South Quad Res. Hall
2-8 p.m. Michigan League

2-8 p.m. Michigan Union

11/15 2-8 p.m. Michigan Union
noon- 6 p.m. Pierpont Commons

11/16 2-8 p.m. Michigan Union
2-8 p.m. Mary Markley Res. Hall

11/17 2-8 p.m. Michigan Union
3-9 p.m. East Quad Res. Hall

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