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Updated 10:54 AM May 28, 2008




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U-M-Flint closer to selecting mascot

The Victors proved victorious in a U-M-Flint student election that included a vote to select the first campus mascot.

The three mascot choices — the Victors, Stones and Flash — received a combined 700 votes in the April 8-9 election. The Victors garnered 297 votes; the decision will have to go before the Board of Regents for approval.

"The majority of students are excited about the results," says Jessie Hurse, coordinator of student activities at U-M-Flint. "We've had some mixed e-mails about identifying ourselves as anything other than the Wolverines, but overall the response has been positive."

Several months ago U-M-Flint graduate student Wade Merrill spearheaded the idea for a campus mascot.

"Ann Arbor has the Wolverines and Dearborn has the Wolves; we needed something that fits the Flint campus," Merrill says.

Merrill began the push with a student petition, which required a minimum of 300 signatures, roughly 5 percent of the student population.

With the election complete, U-M-Flint Student Athletics will form a commission to seek support from the administration before presenting a mascot proposal to the Board of Regents.

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