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Updated 5:30 PM February 1, 2008




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Pfizer donates lab equipment to U-M

Pfizer Inc. announced it will donate up to $1.25 million worth of research equipment, glassware and other lab supplies to four Michigan universities — U-M, Michigan State University, Wayne State University and Eastern Michigan University.

In addition, Pfizer will donate up to $250,000 in lab glassware and supplies to more than 35 middle schools, high schools and community colleges throughout Michigan.

"The donation of this equipment by Pfizer is not only important to the academic research it will support at U-M, but also in advancing U-M's efforts to promote more business development in the life sciences and other knowledge-based industries in Michigan," says Stephen R. Forrest, vice president for research.

"From growing the economy to curing disease, the life-sciences industry touches everybody," says David Canter, senior vice president for Pfizer Global Research & Development. "In recognition of our research legacy and our ongoing presence in Michigan, Pfizer is making this donation to help nurture science education, drive economic growth and promote new medical breakthroughs."

Up to $4.5 million in surplus lab equipment will go the Michigan Innovation Equipment Depot (MIED). Most of the equipment will come from Pfizer's Ann Arbor site, which is closing at the end of 2008. Ann Arbor Spark, MichBio and Southwest Michigan First will manage distribution of the equipment to life science startups across the state, supported by $550,000 in funding from Michigan's 21st Century Jobs Fund.

MIED was launched in 2006 by Ann Arbor Spark in partnership with Pfizer Global Research and Development, MichBio and the state's SmartZones with Pfizer-donated lab equipment worth $1.3 million. Twenty-seven Michigan life-science companies have participated in the MIED program.

"MIED provides critical support to resource-hungry emerging companies," says Ann Arbor SPARK CEO Michael Finney. "Emerging companies, especially in the life sciences space, require sophisticated, and often costly, equipment to enable the evolution of their research from the lab to the market. MIED is supporting Michigan's life sciences community by making this equipment available to the growing companies that are propelling the state's new economy."

The donated laboratory equipment from Pfizer will augment University research and education programs.

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