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Updated 3:00 PM August 7, 2008




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Committee on Collaborative Technologies for Learning
to advise provost

Provost Theresa Sullivan has named the members of a Special Committee on Institutional Innovation in Collaborative Technologies for Learning to examine the options for sustained support of innovation in this arena. She has appointed David Mendez, associate professor of health management and policy at the School of Public Health, to chair the committee.

As collaborative information and communication technologies continue to emerge they are rapidly altering the way individuals relate to and communicate with each other. These technological advances impact learning and teaching, and could have profound effects on the future of education, on academic institutions in general and on the University.

U-M has a long tradition of innovation in the use of technology for instruction. Much of this originates in local communities within the University, usually with support from schools and colleges, and sometimes with support from the Provost's Office or another part of the central administration.

A number of these distributed innovations have become institutionalized, strengthening the University's capabilities at the forefront of learning. For example, CTools began as a research project to support the distributed work of more than 300 scientists in locations throughout the world and is now used as a course management system in the vast majority of our courses.

The committee will address how to nurture and sustain the process of capitalizing on distributed innovation at the broader institutional level. It will provide its recommendations to the Provost by Dec. 19.

In addition to its chair, the committee consists of:

• Nancy Allee, deputy director, Health Sciences Libraries

• Constance Cook, associate vice provost for academic affairs; director, Center for Research of Learning and Teaching; and clinical professor of higher education

• Monika Dressler, senior manager, LSA Instructional Support Services

• August Evrard, professor of physics, professor of astronomy and chair, of the LSA Information Technology Committee

• Thomas Finholt, research professor and associate dean for research and innovation, School of Information; director, Collaboratory for Research on Electronic Work; and director, Center for Information Technology Integration

• Patricio Herbst, associate professor of mathematics education

• Susan Hollar, curriculum integration coordinator, University Library

• James Holloway, Arthur F. Thurnau Professor, associate dean for undergraduate education, College of Engineering, and professor of nuclear engineering and radiological sciences

• Barbara MacAdam, associate University librarian for Public Services, University Library

• Robert Megginson, Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of Mathematics and associate dean for undergraduate and graduate education, LSA

• Homer Neal, Samuel A. Goudsmit Professorship of Physics, and director, U-M-ATLAS Collaboratory Project

• David Potter, Arthur F. Thurnau Professor and Professor of Greek and Latin, Department of Classical Studies and chair, Senate Advisory Committee on University Affairs

• Valerie Suslow, associate dean for degree programs, Louis & Myrtle Moskowitz Research Professor of Business and Law and associate professor of business economics and public policy, Stephen M. Ross School of Business

• John Williams, director, The James and Anne Duderstadt Center, and executive producer, Digital Media Commons

Vice Provost for Academic Information John King will work with the committee as the representative from the Provost's Office.

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