Photo: A photographic look at Detroit at Work•Detroit

Photovoice and Down Woodward Photographic Essays by Detroit youth working with the School of Social Work and the Detroit-based Youth Leadership Team is presented through Aug. 23 at Work•Detroit, 3663 Woodward, sponsored by the School of Art & Design. Photographer Chavez Graham, in a statement accompanying the photo, says, "Safety is the prime factor in our neighborhood. Stuffed animals on the pole showed that an individual died because of being shot, gang-related and other acts of violence. I feel individuals trashing this area shows a sign of disrespect, and this should not be allowed. Nowadays, anything can happen so everyone has to be more aware of his or her surroundings, which makes living even harder. If more police and parental management comes into the community, safety will become less concerning." (Photo by Chavez Graham)