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Updated 11:00 AM June 30, 2008




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Service team stays active with Walkstation

Desk duties can keep staff members sedentary longer than they might like. University Human Resources has implemented a unique solution for staff in the HR/Payroll Service Center who now can choose to walk while they work. Their new Walkstation is a combination of a quiet, slow-paced treadmill and adjustable work desk. With the addition of a computer and phone, staff can integrate more movement to their work routine.
Sue MacDavitt, senior director of Human Resource Records and Information Services, takes a stroll on the HR/Pay Service Center's Walkstation. (Photo by Kay Pauley)

"Employee satisfaction surveys and informal conversations told us that our staff wanted options for being active while working," says Sue MacDavitt, senior director of Human Resource Records and Information Services. "I happened to see a Walkstation, and discovered that they are commonly used in some telephone call centers."

"Our people spend their entire day on the phone and on-line and that makes for a tough job," says Jane Miller, manager of the HR/Payroll Service Center. "They have to stay near their phones so I was very excited to give them an option of being more active while remaining responsive to our callers."

Walkstations are just one way to increase physical activity. "A regular physical activity routine is very important, but health benefits also can be realized with even smaller amounts of moderate activity spread throughout the day," says Peggy Sheagren, spokeswoman for Michigan Healthy Community. "Whether or not we have equipment available at work, it's beneficial to find ways to build even moderate physical activity into our daily routine, whether that's taking the stairs, walking at lunch with colleagues or parking farther away from our worksite."

For more ideas about enhancing wellness in the workplace go to For Walkstation questions, contact Jane Miller at

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