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Updated 1:30 PM October 12, 2007




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State makes good on late August payment

The Michigan State Legislature approved a 30-day continuation budget for state government programs Oct. 1 that includes an FY '08 appropriation of $320 million for U-M, enabling the University to operate according to its planned budget. The amount is identical to where the University's base appropriation stood at the end of FY '07, and is the sum projected for FY 08 in the budget approved by the Board of Regents in July.

The current appropriation is less than the $326 million approved for U-M at the start of FY 07. But by the time the fiscal year had ended, mid-year cuts by the state had the net effect of reducing the base appropriation by 1.8 percent. In addition, in response to its budget problems, the state withheld the entire 2007 August payment, amounting to one-eleventh of the total appropriation, and pledged it would be reinstated in FY '08.

The 30-day budget provides that this month the University will receive two payments from the state: the delayed August '07 payment, as well as the first of the 11 monthly installments that will make up the FY '08 appropriation.

The full year FY '08 appropriation from the state must still receive final approval by the Legislature.

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