Volunteers sought for new Voices of the Staff network team

Voices of the Staff, a forum for staff members to share ideas and define campus issues that matter most to them, seeks volunteers to continue the dialog with university leadership. The deadline for application is April 15.

After the MSpeaks town hall meeting in February, VOICES surveyed all staff members to identify their top issues and opportunities. The survey yielded more than 4,000 responses, resulting in six topics viewed as highest priorities of staff and supported by executive leadership as core areas of focus for the Voices network teams in 2009-10.

• Benefits, Health and Well-Being will explore ideas concerning benefits, health and well-being programs most important to staff, while identifying ways to maximize the value of these programs.

• Career Development will generate ideas that promote resources and opportunities for career development at U-M. The team's long-range goal is to help staff members build more satisfying careers and contribute more fully to U-M's research, teaching, service, and patient-care missions.

• Environmental Stewardship will focus on developing and promoting a greener and cleaner environment across the university. The team will address ways to integrate and apply environmental values in order to sustain and improve quality of life and preserve valuable natural resources.

• Leadership Development will focus on identifying and developing innovative ways to support management practices that foster effective and productive working relationships between employees and supervisors, and engaging leaders at all levels within the university environment.

• Technology/Best Practices will be dedicated to learning about the best processes, practices and systems across campus and peer institutions. The team will explore ideas for integrating those processes and systems to provide optimal service and information.

• Work Climate will focus on understanding attitudes and behaviors in the workplace that contribute to creating and fostering a positive work environment. The team will explore ways that the work climate at the university can support and sustain employee performance, creativity, and motivation through positive workplace interactions and organizational practices.

For more information or to volunteer for a VOICES network team, visit www.voices.umich.edu.