ISR, Qatar U partner on research institute

The Institute for Social Research (ISR) has formed a partnership with Qatar University (QU) to establish the Social and Economic Survey Research Institute at QU as a leading source of social science research in the Arab Gulf region.

As part of the new collaboration, ISR faculty and staff will work with QU to ensure that the new venture meets the highest international standards of social science research and survey methodology.

"This partnership exemplifies the increasing importance of international collaborations," says ISR Director James S. Jackson. "ISR has a long history of working with social scientists around the world to build capacity and experience in conducting independent research with both scholarly and applied value."

"Qatar University views this venture as an important step in fostering fruitful intellectual co-operation through investigating a wide range of social and economic issues," QU President Sheikha Abdulla al-Misnad said in a Gulf Times article earlier this month.

As part of the five-year project, ISR and QU will prepare to launch an on-going national survey designed to monitor social trends in Qatar, and to understand the forces underlying these trends.

"A wide array of issues and topics will be investigated," says political scientist Mark Tessler, principal investigator of the project. "These range from citizen attitudes about social concerns and competing cultural models to behavior patterns related to employment, migration, and family planning. We are looking forward to working with our Qatari collaborators to identify the key issues facing their society."

Working with Tessler and Jackson on the project are ISR researchers David Howell, co-principal investigator; Michael Traugott; Steven Heeringa; James Lepkowski; Myron Gutmann; and a number of other faculty and graduate students affiliated with ISR.