The University Record, October 3, 1994

FACULTY AWARDS Albert Schultz, Distinguished Faculty Achievement Award

An outstanding educator and widely-sought lecturer, Albert Schultz is an internationally recognized authority in biomechanics. His accomplishments elevated the field of biomechanics from its initial obscurity within engineering to the prestige and recognition of a vibrant interdisciplinary field of study.

Professor Schultz’s initial research interests concerned the dynamics of inelastic beams and wires under shock loading. He soon branched out into the field of biomechanics and made major contributions to solving problems related to the spine and to increasing mobility in the elderly. The insights gained from his research on the spine led to improved methods for treating scoliosis, and left an indelible mark on the management of low-back pain, workplace design, and industrial ergonomics.

His pioneering theoretical and experimental research on balance and the causes of falls in the elderly led Albert Schultz to initiate collaborative relationships with the Department of Geriatric Medicine, the Institute of Gerontology, and other University units. His work exemplifies the extraordinary benefits that can accrue when truly interdisciplinary work is undertaken. For the first time nationwide, Professor Schultz and his colleagues are examining the effects of biomechanical, sensory, and motor deficits, as well as the effects on performance of neuropsychological factors such as attention deficits, cognitive impairments, and lack of confidence that can occur with Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Disease. The results of their work are expected to lead to improvements in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of mobility problems in the elderly.

His research brings him numerous extramural honors, including the prestigious H. R. Lissner Award, the Javits Neuroscience Investigator Award, and election to the National Academy of Engineering. Albert Schultz also remains a dedicated teacher and conscientious colleague who finds the time to serve his department and the University with effectiveness, good humor, and modesty. A gifted speaker and award-winning teacher, Professor Schultz also has an unparalleled record of mentoring his students toward future success.

An intense and creative scholar, impressive educator, and devoted colleague, Albert Schultz is committed to improving the quality of life for others. The University is proud to call Albert Schultz a member of the Michigan family, and we are proud to bestow on him the Distinguished Faculty Achievement Award.