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Friday, February 27, 2009

Photo: Several new members of the House Science and Technology Committee attended a special luncheon this week in Washington, D.C., hosted by The Science Coalition, a group of 46 universities - including U-M, Michigan State, Wayne State and Michigan Tech - working to increase federal funding for basic research across the nation. Those in attendance include, from left, Kevin Jefferson, director of the WSU Washington office; Mike Waring, director of the U-M Washington office; Rep. Gary Peters, D-Bloomfield Hills; Rep. Vern Ehlers, R-Grand Rapids and a member of the House Science Committee; Sarah Walkling, U-M director of federal relations for research; and Mark Burnham, director of the MSU Washington office. (Photo by Virginia Hume)

Evocative composition fine-tuned as U-M heads to Carnegie Hall
A new eclectic multimedia musical composition featuring two high-profile alumni debuts at the grandest stage in America - Carnegie Hall. The original work was workshopped during an intensive week last fall with U-M music students. "Ask Your Mama," based on Langston Hughes' cycle poem of the same name, premieres March 16.

Former South Korean minister of unification to visit U-M
Chung Dong-young, former South Korean Minister of Unification and presidential candidate during the 2007 election, will deliver a lecture on North and South Korea Relations. In the March 2 talk he will discuss the urgent task in Northeast Asia to overcome ongoing Cold War tensions.

Sleeping well every day keeps the doctor away?
Mothers for millennia have exhorted children to get enough sleep to avoid becoming sick. But is there evidence to support mother's claim? U-M Health System researchers now are studying the links between sleep and the immune system.

The Michigan Difference

Reinventing the suture
Ross School alumnus builds business around his invention Surgimatix that closes sutures with the speed of a skin stapler but minimizes scars like the best manual suture. Page 41 fall Dividend.