Office of the Vice President for Global Communications

Friday, May 8, 2009

Tom Stephens, GM vice chairman for global product development, announces the GM/U-M Institute of Automotive Research and Education. (Photo by Nicole Casal Moore)

New GM and U-M institute focuses on reinventing the automobile
General Motors and U-M are teaming up to form a new automotive research institute focused on reinventing the automobile and developing the next generation of high-efficiency vehicles powered by diverse energy sources. The GM/U-M Institute of Automotive Research and Education, announced Thursday, supplements GM's ongoing research and development in key areas: advanced batteries, engine systems, smart materials and vehicle manufacturing.

Flu travel ban continues
U-M continued its ban on university-sponsored travel to Mexico this week, following guidelines from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Even though state and federal health officials said the outbreak of Influenza A (H1N1) was not as bad as first thought, the CDC still is recommending against unnecessary travel to Mexico.

Bacteria create aquatic superbugs in waste treatment plants
For bacteria in wastewater treatment plants, the stars align perfectly to create a hedonistic mating ground for antibiotic-resistant superbugs eventually discharged into streams and lakes. Chuanwu Xi of the School of Public Health and his team sampled water at five sites in and near Ann Arbor's wastewater treatment plant and found the so-called superbugs up to 100 yards downstream from the discharge point into the Huron River.

Dentistry students making news with awards and outreach
Students from the School of Dentistry are making their marks in a variety of ways:
• Jane Stieber chosen for Howard Hughes Medical Institute Research Scholars Program.
Six are honored with awards for research.
• Students provide dental care on trips to Jamaica and Kenya.

The Michigan Difference

Thrombotic threat
When initial treatment failed to dissipate 15-year-old tennis champ Elizabeth Baiardi’s leg clot, a U-M-trained vascular surgeon at Northern Michigan Regional Hospital sent her to the Cardiovascular Center (CVC) for the coordinated, multi-specialty care that is its hallmark.