Office of the Vice President for Global Communications

Friday, August 28, 2009

Louise Hecker, a research fellow in the Department of Internal Medicine, discusses therapies that could lead to a treatment for pulmonary fibrosis, which leaves scar-like tissue on organs such as the lungs. The treatment has been successful in mice and will be developed for testing in humans.

Diag’s landmark ‘M’ undergoing repairs after vandalism
The brass block “M” that is a landmark on the Diag is being repaired and is expected to be reset within the next couple days after it sustained minor damage when someone tried to remove it. A Department of Public Safety official says part of the iconic item was found sticking up from its granite setting last Friday.

Program identifies healthy food options at vending machines
Looking to eat healthy even though your food is coming from a vending machine? MHealthy’s GOOD CHOICE program has partnered with selected food vendors to increase the number of healthier options on U-M campuses and make it easier to identify them. Part of that effort involves the GOOD CHOICE of the Month Vending Machine Item.

Job insecurity leads to health problems in U.S. workers
Persistent job insecurity poses a major threat to worker health, according to a new study conducted in part by researchers at U-M. Sarah Burgard, a research assistant professor at the Institute for Social Research, says the study indicates chronic job insecurity was a stronger predictor of poor health than either smoking or hypertension in one of the two groups studied.

The Michigan Difference

Forests and the future
Researchers led by Don Zak, a professor in the School of Natural Resources and Environment, have turned time forward about 40 years in the northern woods of Michigan. Zak and his colleagues, featured in the spring issue of Stewards, have found that northern hardwood forests absorb more heat-trapping carbon dioxide when exposed to rates of atmospheric nitrogen deposition expected to occur by 2050 across the upper Great Lakes region.