Office of the Vice President for Global Communications

Friday, October 30, 2009

Most people at the university take for granted the Diag’s location, but few know that if just one member of the Board of Regents had changed his vote at a meeting in 1837, the Diag and the rest of Central Campus would have been built several blocks to the north. Historian and Michigan Today columnist James Tobin tells the story of a decision long ago that determined U-M’s landscape.

Ginsberg Center’s new director dedicated to social justice
The Ginsberg Center’s commitment to fairness impressed Theresa Cusimano so much that she immediately accepted when a search firm invited her to interview to become its new director. She will begin her new position Dec. 1, directing one of the nation's largest, most comprehensive service-learning centers.

ITS suggests changing passwords when setting back clocks
To protect privacy and security, Information and Technology Services recommends changing UMICH Kerberos passwords about once every six months. An easy way to remember this is to create a new password when clocks are changed in the spring and fall. On Sunday, clocks are to turn back an hour as Daylight Saving Time ends. Users are encouraged to change password at the same time to meet the new security requirements.

ISR to conduct second survey of investigator experiences in human research
The Institute for Social Research will conduct a second online Survey of Investigator Experiences in Human Research beginning early November. The first survey was conducted in fall 2007. The second one is designed to provide information about changes in how investigators experience the regulatory system on campus for conducting human subjects research.

The Michigan Difference

A place for kids to grow
Lindsey Cottrell would like to grant every request that comes to The Olevolos Project, but all too often she finds herself having to say no. It’s a difficult, but frequently necessary part of the School of Public Health alumna’s job as she focuses on the overall goal of the project, which is building an orphanage to give children in a Tanzanian village a chance at a normal childhood.