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Monday, November 23, 2009

Provost encourages students to look to university first with financial concerns

More information

• U-M's Financial Aid Web site
• U.S. Internal Revenue Service Web site about tax incentives that encourage students to attend college

Provost Teresa Sullivan sent an e-mail to students and their families Friday acknowledging that finances in the current economy may be tight, and encouraging them to turn to the university first for advice and loans.

“Many families are experiencing financial problems due to the prolonged and deep recession. We anticipate that some students may need additional financial assistance to cover educational costs at the University of Michigan during this challenging economic time,” Sullivan wrote to families.

“I know it is often hard to talk about money, but I hope that you will take time over the Thanksgiving break to discuss financial matters with your student, including any changes in your family’s circumstances.”

Sullivan reminded students that it’s not too late to apply for loans for the current academic year. The deadline is Dec. 4 for students graduating this December and April 2 for all others.