Office of the Vice President for Global Communications

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

This video shows how a new course at U-M uses iPhones as musical instruments. The students — who design, build and play instruments on their smartphones — will perform at a public concert Dec. 9. Click here for a story on Georg Essl’s class, Building a Mobile Phone Ensemble.

New safety rules planned for outside contractors
Additional requirements to help ensure construction site safety for all outside contractors working on U-M projects have been announced by leaders from Architecture, Engineering and Construction, and Occupational Safety and Environmental Health. The new requirements will become effective in January.

Women less likely to receive early-career research grants
Women were less likely than men to receive major funding for scientific research, according to a study from the U-M Health System. The study also found that only a quarter of all researchers — men and women — who received major, early-career awards received further federal funding within five years.

Conference to examine secondary market for patents
A symposium sponsored by the Program in Law, Economics & Technology on Friday will look at the phenomenon of secondary markets for patents. Today is the registration deadline for the conference, which will bring together prominent individuals experienced in buying, selling, and licensing patents with a mix of scholars to identify promising pathways for future research.

The Michigan Difference

While her harmonica gently weeps
Twenty-five years ago Vera Meyer became transfixed by the haunting sounds of the glass harmonica. The former U-M student and daughter of a U-M professor has played the complex instrument among classically trained masters before audiences worldwide, and now focuses on small shows near her home outside Boston.