Office of the Vice President for Global Communications

Friday, December 4, 2009

In an era when cell phones can take and send pictures and access the Internet, what’s the next step for communication devices? In this episode of Out of the Blue, researchers at the School of Information discuss one possibility — high-density display walls that can serve a variety of functions.

New round of online teaching evaluations are now under way
Online teaching evaluations begin today, and university leaders are confident that CTools has been improved and will perform reliably for all functions during the busy final days of the semester. The timeframe for submitting evaluations is longer this term to provide extended opportunity for students to provide feedback on their classes and instructors. Faculty and graduate student instructors are asked to encourage students to log in to complete evaluations before the Dec. 15 deadline. The Office of Evaluations and Examinations offers several resources and tips to help encourage student response rates.

University reminds employees about procedures for bad weather
As temperatures drop and weather forecasts increasingly contain the word “snow,” campus leaders would like to remind the community that the university’s severe-weather policy encourages all employees to make a reasonable effort to report to work as scheduled. Because most students live on campus, officials will attempt to keep the university open for classes and maintain regular operations during severe weather.

Survival Flight team honored for critical skills competition
The U-M Survival Flight team recently won the METI Cup, a competition between air medical teams. It is a critical care skills competition using the latest in human patient simulation. At this year’s competition in San Jose, Calif., the U-M Survival Flight team retained its title for the third straight year.

The Michigan Difference

While her harmonica gently weeps
Twenty-five years ago Vera Meyer became transfixed by the haunting sounds of the glass harmonica. The former U-M student and daughter of a U-M professor has played the complex instrument among classically trained masters before audiences worldwide, and now focuses on small shows near her home outside Boston.