Office of the Vice President for Global Communications

Monday, January 18, 2010

University Record offers new look in print, online

Today’s issue of the weekly University Record will feature a new look, both in paper and online. After more than five years of the current design, we wanted to give the publication a little face-lift but, more importantly, get up to speed with technology and integrate some new features.

The new Web page now has the ability for RSS feeds and sharing articles with social networks. It also has improved ability to search archived issues.

The print and Web editions of the University Record also will include some new editorial content. We’ll begin this week with a Question of the Week and a history feature. Those who read the Record on the Web will find a place to respond to the weekly question, and share memories of the landmark or event that is the subject of the history feature. More features are in the works that will be shared at a later date.

We hope that the campus community is making sure to read both the weekly University Record and the daily Record Update. While both report some of the same major stories affecting the campus, each has unique features not found in the other.

In addition to the new features mentioned, the University Record includes the following articles and items not found in the Update:

• Spotlight, a weekly feature on a staff member (non-faculty) who has a unique job, hobby or public service contribution to the greater community.

• Accolades, brief items that tell of awards, appointments and other accomplishments on individual faculty and staff members.

• Research stories, including a Scholarship and Creativity feature, that highlight the important work being done on campus.

• Monthly features, including the police report, Research Report from the Office of the Vice President for Research, and the Faculty Governance Report from the Senate Advisory Committee on University Affairs.

• Updated or longer versions of stories shared in abbreviated form in the Update.

The Record Update has unique content as well, including:

• Breaking news.

• Campus reactions and comments on challenging issues facing the university or higher education.

• In the News, a digest that tells about faculty quoted in the mainstream press.

• Michigan Difference, a feature that highlights faculty, staff, alumni and students who through their studies, professions or community service are making a difference in the classroom, their communities and beyond.

The University Record is available on racks across campus every Monday. To view it on the Web, go to

The Record Update is available at An e-mail version is sent out every morning to the campus and to subscribers. A button to subscribe can be found on the upper right of the page. The Update also is on Facebook and Twitter.