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Friday, March 12, 2010

Forbes names Ann Arbor top college sports town

Ann Arbor tops the list of the best college sports towns, based on "its excellent mix of livability and sports," according to

The publication based its rankings on the standings from the 2009 Dearfield Sports Directors' Cup, which ranks schools by their performance in all sports.

In addition to sports, Forbes cites Ann Arbor's quality public schools, low crime rate, affordable housing, and its culture and cuisine.

The top ten college sports towns:
1. Ann Arbor — University of Michigan
2. Chapel Hill, N.C. — University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
3. Norman, Okla. — Univeristy of Oklahoma
4. Palo Alto, Calif. — Stanford University
5. College Station, Texas — Texas A&M University
6. Austin, Texas — University of Texas
7. Fayetteville, Ark. — University of Arkansas
8. Lexington, Ky. — University of Kentucky
9. College Park, Md. — University of Maryland
10. State College, Pa. — Penn State University