Office of the Vice President for Global Communications

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Robert B. Jacobs Asian Art Conservation Laboratory is among the great resources at the U-M Museum of Art. This video offers an overview of the lab’s unique role, in particular the care of nearly 400 Chinese and Japanese paintings and more than 7,000 prints and drawings in the museum’s collection.

Bike exchange idea offers chance for easy access to wheels
A U-M class focused on projects to make the campus more environmentally sustainable is bringing together the often-differing perspectives of environment and business majors. One of the projects is a bicycle-sharing proposal that would make it easy for people to access bikes for short-distance travel.

PODCAST: Prof sez Y mor teens luv 2 txt
With studies showing that one in three teens sends more than 100 text messages a day, Scott Campbell, assistant professor of communication studies, discusses increased teen texting, why it’s really just an extension of traditional social interaction among teenagers, and why the trend is spreading to their parents.

A prolific year for Tony nominees with U-M ties
It’s not unusual to see the School of Music Theatre and Dance represented at the annual Tony Awards, and its link to the annual Broadway honors is particularly notable this year. Three U-M graduates are nominated for Tonys and a fourth is the founder of a theatre group that produced two nominated plays.

The Michigan Difference

Road Scholars on tour
U-M’s Road Scholars launch their four-day 2010 tour this week. The 31 members of the annual tour will travel throughout Michigan to develop among faculty an awareness of the state’s diverse features and the communities that a majority of U-M students call home. Follow the group’s progress on its website and Facebook page.