Office of the Vice President for Global Communications

Friday, June 11, 2010

International Institute announces record number of Fulbright offers

Forty-three U-M students were awarded a U.S. Department of State Student Fulbright grant to participate in research, study, or an English teaching assistantship abroad. The number of grant offers is the highest in U-M’s history.

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The Fulbright Program is the flagship international educational exchange program sponsored by the U.S. government. Recipients of Fulbright grants are selected on the basis of academic or professional achievement, as well as demonstrated leadership potential in their fields.

“We are extremely proud of our students and their accomplishments,” says Ken Kollman, acting director of the International Institute and acting vice provost for international affairs. “The Fulbright Student Program is an extremely rigorous competition. The number of students awarded grants reflects the university’s commitment to excellence in research and to fostering cultural exchanges.”

The Fulbright Program is designed to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and other countries. It operates in more than 155 countries. The Fulbright U.S. Student Program is one of 11 grant categories offered through the Fulbright Program. Approximately 1,600 U.S. students received grants for the 2010-2011 academic year.

At U-M, the Fulbright Program is administered by the International Institute, where staff members are available to advise students and faculty regarding the application process.

Fulbright Student Program competition rankings among U.S. colleges will be released in the fall once students formally accept their grant offers. Ten U-M students also were identified as alternates.

The 2010-11 U-M Student Fulbright grantees, the country where they will be studying and their projects include:

• Saul Allen, Ph.D., LSA (Asian Studies); Indonesia; New Order Narratives in Post Reformasi Indonesia

• Abby Anderton, Ph.D., School of Music (Musicology); Germany; Classical Music and Rehabilitation in the American Sector of West Berlin (1945-61)

• Nadia Baadj, Ph.D., LSA (History of Art); Netherlands; “Monstrous creatures and diverse strange things”: The Curious Art of Jan van Kessel I

• Lara Back, B.A., LSA (Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Sociology); South Korea; English Teaching Assistantship

• Katharine Barcy, B.A., LSA (French, Linguistics); Vietnam; English Teaching Assistantship

• Hannah Bent, B.A., LSA (Environmental Studies); Nepal; Preserving Indigenous Knowledge and Natural Resource Management in Nepal

• Harun Buljina, B.A., LSA (German, History, Russian, East European, & Eurasian Studies); Turkey; English Teaching Assistantship

• Anna Clark, M.F.A., Warren Wilson College (Creative Writing); B.A., LSA; Kenya; Nairobi Stories

• Virginia Cline, B.A., LSA (French, History, Political Science); France; English Teaching Assistantship

• Anne Davis, B.A., LSA (Political Science, Spanish); Ecuador; An Examination of Legal Advocacy Education and Outreach Programs for Refugees in Ecuador

• Tara Diener, Ph.D., LSA (Anthropology & History); Sierra Leone; Starched Caps/Childbirth in a Creole City: An Ethnographic History of Maternity in Freetown

• Paul Dwyer, Ph.D., School of Music (Music Performance — Cello); Netherlands; Intensive Private Study in Contemporary Cello and Baroque Cello

• Sharief El-Gabri, B.A., LSA (Arabic, Political Science); Jordan; English Teaching Assistantship

• Benjamin Fox, B.A., LSA (History); Taiwan; Taiwan in Transition: Energy Policy and Eco-Cities

• Benjamin Graham, Ph.D., LSA (History); Italy; A Burning Demand for Olive Oil: The Olive Tree and Its Environment in Early Medieval Italy

• Marie Greenman, B.A., LSA (German, History, International Studies); Germany; English Teaching Assistantship

• Sarah Hamilton, Ph.D., LSA (History); Spain; Rhetoric and Reality in Late-Twentieth Century Spanish Environmental Policy

• Daniel Hefflebower, B.A., LSA (German, History); Germany; English Teaching Assistantship

• Ryan Hughes, Ph.D., LSA (Classical Art and Archaeology); Georgia; Vani Regional Survey

• Nirinjan Khalsa, Ph.D., LSA (Asian Languages and Cultures); India; The Role of Music within Sikh Practice

• Stephen Kim, B.A., LSA (English Language & Literature, Political Science); South Korea; English Teaching Assistantship

• Shawn Kinkema, B.A., LSA (Asian Languages, Program in the Environment); Japan; Japan as a Model for Passenger Rail Development

• Sarah Kostinski, B.S., LSA (Music, Physics); Russia; Learning the Russia Perspective on Low-Dimensional Systems in Contemporary Physics

• Jeremy Ledger, Ph.D., LSA (History); Spain; Mapping the Medieval World: Cross-cultural Exchange and Mediterranean Cartography

• Jordan Long, J.D., Law School; Croatia; Gay Rights as Human Rights: Croatia’s EU Accession as a Benchmark for the Balkans

• Jane Lynch, Ph.D., LSA (Anthropology); India; Fashioning Value

• Patrice McShane, Ph.D., LSA (Linguistic Anthropology); Burkina Faso;
The Ethnic Insult as Conflict Prevention in Burkina Faso

• Matthew Miller, B.A., LSA (Global Change, History); South Korea; English Teaching Assistantship

• Michelle Morath, B.A., LSA (English, German, Secondary Education); Germany; English Teaching Assistantship

• Christine Morrison, B.S., LSA (Chemistry); Germany; Synthesis and Characterization of 3D Metal-Organic Frameworks of the Mixed-Ligand System

• Emily Orzech, M.F.A., School of Art & Design; China; Translated Cities: Exploring China’s Urban Landscape through Lithography

• Rachel Palmer, B.A., LSA (Near Eastern Studies, Political Science); Indonesia; English Teaching Assistantship

• David Pappano, Ph.D., LSA (Biological Anthropology); Ethiopia; Cooperation, Conflict, and Reproductive Strategies of Male Geladas

• Jonson Porteux, Ph.D., LSA (Economics); South Korea; Sex, Drugs and Politics: The Politics of Private Protection Rackets in South Korea

• Thongdam Pathoumthong, M.A., School of Education (Higher Education); Andorra;
English Teaching Assistantship

• Elana Resnick, Ph.D., LSA (Anthropology); Bulgaria; Recycling, Waste and Work in Bulgaria

• Rufin Saul, Ph.D., LSA (Asian Languages and Cultures); India; When a Local God Goes Translocal: The Modern Making of Rajasthan’s Balaji

• Katelyn Sedelmyer, B.A., LSA (English, Political Science, Secondary Education); India; English Teaching Assistantship

• Eric Tkaczyk, Ph.D./M.D. (Electrical Engineering, Medical School); Estonia; Portable Optical Cataract Assessment Device

• Elizabeth Turk, B.S., LSA (Biology, Women’s Studies); Mongolia; Theory and Epistemology in Systems of Healing

• David Wells, B.A., LSA (Economics, Japanese Studies); Japan; Yatai: A Disappearing Tradition

• Dara Yaskil, B.A., LSA (Environmental Studies); Turkey; English Teaching Assistantship

• Beatriz Zengotitabengoa, Ph.D., LSA (History of Art, Museum Studies); Benin;
Staging Gaani: Contemporary Royal Art Display in the Bariba Kingdom of Nikki