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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

From left, Medical Center Information Technology employees Alice Miller, Steve Kirby and Nolan Reed help celebrate the opening of the new North Campus Data Center. Instead of a traditional ribbon cutting, the trio ceremonially cut a maize-and-blue fiber optic cable. The data center houses the primary information and communication technology that supports the patient care activities for the U-M Health System. It is the first all-fiber data center built at U-M. (Photo by Theophis Hollins, MCIT)

Report finds health safety net still critical despite reform
In a new report on health coverage in the U.S. and Michigan, the Center for Healthcare Research & Transformation finds more people lacking health insurance, more employers dropping coverage, higher costs for those with health insurance, and a growing strain on the health care safety net.

Surveillance colonoscopy should be targeted to high-risk patients, study says
Surveillance colonoscopy is effective and cost-effective when targeted to high-risk patients, according to new research from a U-M physician. However, overuse of surveillance colonoscopy could be excessively costly or even harmful.

Engineering researchers achieve organic laser breakthrough
Researchers at U-M have achieved a long-sought-after optics phenomenon that could lead to more efficient and flexible lasers for telecommunications and quantum computing applications, among other uses.

The Michigan Difference

Personalized medicine
Seeking to understand why people react differently to a particular medication or dosage, scientists now are focusing on pharmacogenomics, the study of how a person's genome affects response to a specific drug. Vicki Ellingrod, associate professor of pharmacy and psychiatry, heads up the Clinical Pharmacogenomics Laboratory where she has studied the risk factors of metabolic syndrome, a major side effect for people taking schizophrenia drugs.