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Monday, August 16, 2010

More than 50 areas reach 50 percent participation in MHealthy Rewards

More than 50 university areas achieved 50 percent or greater participation in this year’s MHealthy Rewards program. The select group includes schools, colleges and administrative areas from all four campuses.

“These top achievers represent a very diverse mix of units that span all campuses and disciplines; however, the commonality is in their commitment to encouraging their faculty and staff to make personal health a priority,” says LaVaughn Palma-Davis, senior director of University Health & Well-Being Services.

“Support for participating in MHealthy Rewards came from all levels — during staff meetings, in management communications and from co-workers,” Palma-Davis says.

The following “top performers” achieved the highest participation:

• Ann Arbor administration
Investment Office, 82 percent
Audits, 81 percent (tie)
Dean of Students, 81 percent (tie)

• Ann Arbor school or college
School of Kinesiology, Ann Arbor Campus, 72 percent
School of Public Policy, Ann Arbor Campus, 65 percent

• U-M Health System
Human Resources, 86 percent
Quality Improvement, 65 percent

• UM-Dearborn
Institutional Advancement, 78 percent
Enrollment Management and Student Life, 64 percent

• UM-Flint
Vice Chancellor Administration, 68 percent
Student Services and Enrollment Management, 67 percent

• Two areas reached 100 percent participation: Office of the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, and Vice President and Secretary of the University.

For a complete list of all university areas that achieved 50 percent or greater participation in MHealthy Rewards, go to

Approximately 15,000 benefits-eligible faculty and staff participated in MHealthy Rewards this year from across the entire university. When considering combined participation between 2009-10, more than 55 percent of benefits-eligible employees have engaged in MHealthy programs.

“Our goal has always been to move the university culture toward one where health is as big of a priority as being leaders and the best,” Palma-Davis says. “In an organization as large and diverse as ours, this can be challenging. But what we’ve learned is that much like the saying ‘It takes a village,’ it takes a collaborative effort from every level to influence change. I think we are seeing this kind of support now and hopefully it will continue to grow.”

MHealthy Rewards participants include benefits-eligible faculty and staff that completed the 2010 health questionnaire before the May 2010 deadline. Those who also complete two eligible health and well-being activities before Dec. 3 qualify to receive a $100 before tax incentive.

“Thousands of U-M faculty and staff have already completed MHealthy Rewards and earned their $100 incentive,” Palma-Davis says. “Flu shots are one of the health services that count towards Rewards, so we expect thousands more to complete the program before the December deadline.”

For more information, go to or call 734-975-3024 (dial all seven digits).