Office of the Vice President for Global Communications

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

While the world’s attention focused on South Africa and the World Cup this summer, soccer's international appeal was visible at U-M's own Mitchell Field. On any given evening, pickup games showcased the talents of dozens of students from all over the world. This video from Michigan Today captures the global spirit of the games.

Biden: U-M transforming economy through innovation
Two U-M researchers were honored Tuesday by Vice President Joe Biden for “transforming the American Economy through innovation” to accelerate significant advances in science and technology. The White House honored U-M autism researcher Catherine Lord and School Public Health investigator Goncalo Abecasis, along with other researchers and business people gathered at the White House.  

Single-stream recycling to be introduced campuswide
Beginning Aug. 30, paper and container recyclables can be placed in the same bins across campus. Known as single-stream recycling, U-M has joined the City of Ann Arbor in changing the recycling system to collect common items in the same bin, as well as accept additional materials.

Study: Workplace wellness plan saves money over long term
A Midwest utility company learned firsthand that it pays to keep healthy employees fit, reaping a net savings of $4.8 million in employee health and lost work time costs over nine years, a U-M study shows. The findings are good news for companies looking to implement wellness programs, researchers say. 

The Michigan Difference

Sustaining Kenya
The Graham Environmental Sustainability Institute is reaching out to promote sustainable conservation in the Laikipia region of Kenya, one of the most economically challenged and biologically diverse areas of the world. Undergraduate and graduate students are part of the Integrative Experiential Learning and Research project at the 48,000-acre Mpala Wildlife Conservancy and Research Center in Kenya.