Office of the Vice President for Global Communications

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Elizabeth Lippie, a freshman chemical engineering major, greets President Mary Sue Coleman during her annual open house for students. Each year Coleman opens the presidential residence on South University Street, giving hundreds of students an opportunity to chat with her and tour her on-campus home. (Photo by Austin Thomason, Photo Services)

Student-built satellite scheduled for launch
A 6.5-pound satellite is scheduled to become the first standalone spacecraft built by U-M students to go into orbit and perform a science mission. The Radio Aurora Explorer will study how plasma instabilities in the atmosphere disrupt communication and navigation signals between Earth and orbiting satellites.

Business of IT leads off annual UMTRI auto research series
U-M’s third annual “Focus on the Future” automotive research conference series kicks off next Wednesday with “The Business of IT: Transforming the Organization and the Vehicle.” The conference will focus on how the weakened economy is affecting long-term information technology efforts of automotive companies.

Taubman College faculty awarded three Architect Magazine honors
Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning faculty were presented with three of the seven Architect Magazine Fourth Annual R+D Awards announced recently. The awards recognize the importance of research and development as defining principles in architecture. U-M projects were selected from the more than 100 entries based on three criteria: excellence in proof of performance; aesthetics; and evidence of progressive thinking.

The Michigan Difference

Sandblasted for science
A team of atmospheric science students working with Nilton Renno, professor of atmospheric, oceanic and space sciences, spent much of the summer chasing dust devils in Africa and the western United States. It’s part of a five-year project that could help scientists develop more precise climate change models.