Office of the Vice President for Global Communications

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A two-part video series on the Big Ten Network’s “Out of the Blue” showcases the School of Public Health’s China Scholars Exchange Program, which allows individuals from both countries to gain insight into the other’s public health systems. Click on the image to watch Part 1 of the series, then click here to watch Part 2.

Peace Corps at 50: U-M students helped JFK change the world
U-M will host a series of events marking the Peace Corps 50th anniversary, including the debut of a new film "The Passing of the Torch," a national symposium, shows, guest speakers and reunions. The organization grew out of a suggestion by students who were inspired to action by presidential candidate John Kennedy when he addressed thousands of them from the steps of the Michigan Union in the early morning hours of Oct. 14, 1960.

University joins compact for open-access publishing
U-M has joined the Compact for Open-Access Publishing Equity, a consortium of leading universities and research centers that facilitates the dissemination of scholarly works by subsidizing publication fees for open-access journals. At U-M the program will be administered and funded by the University Library.

PODCAST: Poverty levels in the U.S. rising again
Sheldon Danziger, director of the National Poverty Center at U-M, discusses the factors affecting the U.S. poverty rate, which he says likely will exceed 15 percent, or 45 million people.

The Michigan Difference

Bridging cultures with books
After six months teaching English and running a drama club on a Fulbright Fellowship in Kasakhstan, Mary Jo Kietzman Gifford, an associate professor at UM-Flint, hit upon an idea to continue the literature lessons for the Kazakh girls she had been teaching. She is working with UM-Flint graduate students to create on online book club that gives her former students a chance to continue developing their language skills and a community of people with whom to exchange ideas.