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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Washington internship program celebrates five-year anniversary

Students and alumni of U-M’s Michigan in Washington (MIW) internship program gathered Friday through Sunday to celebrate the program’s fifth anniversary in Washington, D.C.

  From left, distinguished U-M alumni Thomas Mann, Sally Katzen, Dan Glickman and Norman Ornstein join Michigan in Washington program director Edie Goldenberg (center) during a celebration of the program's five-year anniversary. (Photo by Cynthia Bank, Washington Office)

Among the events was a panel discussion during which Sally Katzen, a senior adviser for the Podesta Group lobbying firm and a lecturer at the Law School and LSA, said current students must fix a dysfunctional U.S. government, and may not depend upon the generation in political power now because it has failed to do so.

Katzen joined an all-alumni panel that included Dan Glickman, senior fellow at the Bipartisan Policy Center and former Secretary of Agriculture; Norman Ornstein, American Enterprise Institute resident scholar, and Thomas Mann, Brookings Institution senior fellow.

Ornstein suggested the U.S. institute mandatory voting, which might drive politics back to the center and encourage officeholders to negotiate, rather than pursue stalemate.

Currently, 21 students are participating in program during the Fall Semester. Approximately 250 students have participated in the program during the fall and winter semesters over the past five years.

Undergraduates from all U-M concentrations go to the nation’s capital to work at public service internships and pursue a full load of classes each semester. Edie Goldenberg, professor of political science and public policy, directs the MIW program.