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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New career resources and market titles for Business Intelligence professionals

New online resources and improved role classification are now available to help advance Business Intelligence (BI) careers at U-M.


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"The career growth of a BI professional is a key business asset that can result in bountiful payoffs for the university," says Laura Patterson, associate vice president and chief information officer. "These new resources aid in raising proficiency and ultimately, sharpen one's competitive edge."

An online inventory of learning opportunities and managerial resources recently were added to the Business Intelligence website. It is intended to build expertise in the structuring, analyzing, and leveraging of data for decision-making.

The website includes a competency self-assessment and a listing of training programs to help fill any skill gaps revealed by the assessment. Users also can compare their BI skill set to those required for other positions on campus. Managers can access job aids for hiring and managing BI professionals and encouraging ongoing skills development.

In addition to the career resources, four new BI job titles have been added to the university's job classification system: Business Intelligence Analyst Intermediate, Business Intelligence Analyst Senior, Business Intelligence Project Manager and Business Intelligence Director.

"In the past, classification descriptions didn't fully describe a business intelligence professional's role at the university," says Tim Wood, senior director for University Human Resources. "This new series of classifications will help create a more clear and structured career path for those who make business intelligence their profession."