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Monday, March 14, 2011

MCommunity Directory to replace existing online listings this summer

A new MCommunity Directory soon will replace the U-M Online Directory. The new directory is designed to be more attractive and easier to use than the current one, but this is much more than a facelift. It will offer new ways of managing information about members of the university community.


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NextGen Michigan


The new directory to be out this summer is part of a larger MCommunity system that will be used for identity management, including uniqname management, and to automate access to computing services and resources. MCommunity is a component of NextGen Michigan, which aims to re-establish U-M as a leader in information technology.

"The MCommunity project is implementing a foundational technology that is critical to the success of the NextGen initiatives and other information technology services across all three campuses. It will help improve IT security and simplify the implementation of future technologies," says Tim Kelly, project manager for the NextGen Michigan Program Office.

Some things users will notice when MCommunity Directory is launched this summer include:

• Search results will be easier to skim. Users will be able to find the person or group they are looking for more quickly.

• It will be easier to find needed information in a person's entry. Contact information will be grouped together at the top left side of the entry.

• Information will be more accurate and up-to-date.

• It will be easier to find faculty and staff because names, titles, affiliations and U-M work addresses and phone numbers will be displayed in the directory for all employees.

• Home addresses and phone numbers will be hidden unless a person chooses to publish them.

A minimal amount of information about faculty, staff or students will be visible to everyone in the MCommunity Directory. People can publish additional information about themselves if they wish.

At a minimum, each entry will show a person's: name, uniqname, e-mail address, affiliation (school or college name for students, department for faculty and staff, "Alumni" for alumni, and "Sponsored Affiliate" for sponsored people), U-M work address (for faculty and staff), and U-M work phone number (for faculty and staff).

Those listed in the current directory are being asked to prepare for the switchover by making sure their information in central U-M systems, such as Wolverine Access, is correct.

Only those with a current affiliation with the university — and therefore a current source of up-to-date information — will be included in the new directory. Entries for former employees and others no longer affiliated with U-M will be removed after a grace period.