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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Public works group names transit center Project of the Year

The American Public Works Association Michigan chapter has given its Project of the Year award to the Central Campus Transit Center in the category of intergovernmental cooperation less than $5 million.

The Project of the Year award promotes excellence in the management and administration of public works projects by recognizing the partnership between U-M, the Ann Arbor Transportation Authority (AATA/TheRide), the consultant/architect/engineer, and the contractor who, working together, complete public works projects.

"We are pleased to be honored by the APWA of Michigan for the work done on the CCTC project," says Marina Roelofs, executive director of Architectural, Engineering & Construction (AEC). "This is a great award for the university and the CCTC project team."

Award nominees were judged on:

• Use of good construction management techniques and completion of the project on schedule.

• Safety performance and demonstrated awareness of the need for a good overall safety program during construction.

• Community relations through efforts to minimize public inconvenience and precautions to protect the public during construction, and other means of improving relations between the agency and the public.


• Demonstrated awareness for the need to protect the environment during construction.

• Unusual accomplishments under adverse conditions.

• Additional conditions deemed important to the public works agency, such as time or money-saving techniques or exceptional quality control.

The award will be officially presented May 26 at the Michigan Chapter Awards Banquet in Bellaire.

"One of the things that I think is cool about this award is that in addition to the recognition of a great design is the fact that it highlights the collaboration between the university and AATA," says Steve Dolen, executive director of Parking and Transportation Services.

AATA CEO Michael Ford says, "TheRide is pleased with the outcome of the CCTC project and the ongoing partnership we have with the university. Ultimately, it is a partnership that benefits both organizations and the community as a whole. We're honored to have been part of building this outstanding facility and appreciate the recognition it has received."

The transit center, located along North University Avenue, was designed to help meet the growing needs for public transportation in the Central Campus area. U-M and AATA buses serve the facility.

The project added shelters for bus riders, bicycle lanes along North University, bicycle racks, an improved pedestrian walkway across North University and a new handicapped-accessible entry to the Alexander G. Ruthven Museums Building.

In addition to being a collaborative effort, the $4.5 million project was designed to fit with the university's commitment to sustainability, Dolen says. Porous paving bricks, used in some areas, will help with water drainage, and the translucent roofs on the shelters will reduce daytime lighting needs.

The project was managed by AEC in collaboration with the engineering firm of Hubbel, Roth & Clark Inc.

This artist's rendition shows the Central Campus Transit Center on North University Avenue. (Drawing courtesy of Hubbel, Roth & Clark Inc.)