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Monday, April 18, 2011

MHealthy Rewards participation reaches 55 percent; top 25 areas announced

More than 20,450 people, 55 percent of U-M's benefits-eligible population, have completed the annual health questionnaire and are participating in MHealthy Rewards this year, a 25 percent increase over last year. Additionally, more than 60 university areas achieved 50 percent or more participation in the questionnaire.

"We are delighted with the significant increase this year, with approximately 5,000 more faculty and staff members participating in Rewards than in 2010," says LaVaughn Palma-Davis, senior director of University Health & Well-Being Services. "We believe this is partly due to the incredible support of leaders and wellness champions throughout our organization, as well as the improvements made to the website and process."

Schools, colleges and administrative areas from Ann Arbor, Flint, Dearborn and the U-M Health System (UMHS) are represented in the 60 areas that reached 50 percent or more participation.

The areas achieving the highest participation in the 2011 health questionnaire are:

• AVP Student Learning & Development, 93 percent

• Office of the Vice President for Government Relations, 92 percent

• UMHS Human Resources, 85 percent

• University Musical Society, 83 percent

• Flint Student Services & Enrollment Management, 77 percent

• University Human Resources, 77 percent

• Investment Office, 76 percent

• Dearborn Information Technology, 75 percent

• AVP Finance & Human Resources (Student Affairs), 74 percent

• Center for Human Growth, 74 percent

• VP Development, 73 percent

• University Health Service, 72 percent

• University Audits, 72 percent

• Dearborn Enrollment Management & Student Life, 72 percent

• AVP Finance, 72 percent

• EVPMA Administration, 71 percent

• UMHS Clinical Affairs/Quality Improvement, 70 percent

• UMHS Cardiovascular Center, 70 percent

• Research Development & Administration, 69 percent

• UMHS Finance, 69 percent

• Office of the Vice President for Research, 68 percent

• Flint Provost's Office, 67 percent (tie)

• University Library, 67 percent (tie)

• President's Office, 67 percent (tie)

• School of Kinesiology, 67 percent (tie)

• Alumni Association, 67 percent (tie)

• Flint Business & Finance, 67 percent (tie)

• VP General Counsel, 67 percent (tie)

• One area with less than 10 employees reached 100 percent participation: VP Secretary University

All major organizational areas that achieved 50 percent or more participation will be recognized. In addition, the top 25 will receive a special award to display in their areas. For a complete list of all university areas that reached 50 percent or greater participation, go to

MHealthy Rewards participants who have completed the health questionnaire already still have time to earn an additional $50 before-tax incentive by completing one eligible health and well-being activity by July 29. Activities include stress management programs, MHealthy fitness or nutrition consultations, online education programs and more.

"Taking action to improve our health risks is the most important part of this initiative," Palma-Davis says. "Setting a goal and developing a plan to achieve it is key to success, and a supportive culture can help us sustain our achievements over time."

"Our hope is to support faculty and staff in adopting healthy habits that help them manage or prevent chronic health conditions and promote feeling good for life," Palma-Davis says.

For more information, go to or call 734-647-7888 (dial all seven digits).