Office of the Vice President for Global Communications

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What role do the arts play in the development and diversification of Michigan's economy? University Musical Society President Kenneth Fischer reflects on the vital role between the arts and economic development. This video touches on topics Fischer explored in a mid-March address about ways the arts, cultural institutions, cultural events and programming foster economic development and cross-cultural understanding.

U-M's solar car Quantum to roll in Formula Sun Grand Prix
U-M's 2011 solar car is set to compete in May in the American Solar Car Challenge: Formula Sun Grand Prix at the 100th anniversary of the Indianapolis 500 Mile Race. Quantum will race for three days beginning May 5.

Three new SACUA members elected
Dr. Charles Koopman, Finn Larsen and Karen Staller were elected to the Senate Advisory Committee on University Affairs by the Senate Assembly at its meeting Monday. The three were the highest vote getters among nine faculty vying for the positions. Their terms start May 1 and continue to May 1, 2014.

PODCAST: What are our core American values?
Wayne Baker, Robert P. Thome Professor of Business Administration, professor of sociology and faculty associate at the Institute for Social Research, discusses core American values such as patriotism, individualism and justice. Currently, he says, the most intensely held value has to do with the importance of financial security.

The Michigan Difference

Difference Makers at Dearborn
UM-Dearborn has named 50 students as 2011 “Difference Makers,” a designation that identifies a student as one of the most significant contributors to the campus community. From scholars with publications and national conference presentations to officers in campus organizations to others making a difference in the larger community, these recipients are being recognized for their academic achievements, integrity, leadership and creative contributions.