Office of the Vice President for Global Communications

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Nominees sought for award honoring humane use of lab animals

The U-M Committee on the Use and Care of Animals and the Unit for Laboratory Animal Medicine are soliciting nominations for the Jody C. Ungerleider Memorial Award. This award is given for outstanding contributions toward the humane use and welfare of laboratory animals.

Jody Ungerleider was a research assistant at U-M for many years. In that capacity she carried a significant share of the responsibility for the care and treatment of animals used in the laboratory in which she worked. She believed the humane care and welfare of all animals used in research should be one of the highest priorities involved in biological experimentation.

All nomination packets must be received by June 17.

The purpose of the Ungerleider Award is to recognize individuals within U-M whose activities and attitudes toward the use of laboratory animals in research are consistent with those high standards. University staff and students who participate in any aspect of animal research or use of animals for education and training are eligible. The award consists of a plaque appropriately inscribed and a cash award.

Nominees for the award should meet at least one of the following criteria:

• Demonstration, through their actions, of concern and compassion for laboratory animals and advocacy for the humane treatment of animals as an essential component of laboratory research.

• Specific research or technological contributions to the advancement of the human use or treatment of laboratory animals.

• Specific contributions to the education of researchers, animal handlers, and/or the general public regarding the use of laboratory animals in biological research with special emphasis on their humane treatment.

A letter of nomination should be sent to the Committee for the Jody C. Ungerleider Memorial Award, in care of Anne Sodemann,, Unit for Laboratory Animal Medicine, 1301 Catherine Street, 018 Animal Research Facility, Box 0614. Electronic submissions are highly encouraged.

The nomination letter should document the nominee’s specific contribution or contributions in reasonable detail. Additional material that supports or more fully details an individual’s qualifications may be included although a maximum of four letters of support will be considered.