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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

There are numerous locations around U-M that display the vibrant colors and leafy foliage of Michigan in bloom. Click the photo to see a slideshow from Michigan Today. (Photo by Lin Jones, U-M Photo Services)

Nurse negotiations continue at UMHS
Negotiations continue between the U-M Health System and the U-M Professional Nurse Council of the Michigan Nurses Association, the union representing nurses who provide care to patients at U-M Hospitals and Health Centers. In a statement released Tuesday, Chief Operating Officer Tony Denton noted that the U-M team looks forward to continued good-faith negotiations to reach a mutual agreement.

Provost issues statement regarding Juan Cole, support for academic freedom
A U.S. Senate committee is reviewing whether the Bush administration and CIA attempted to find and disseminate negative information about U-M professor Juan Cole, in order to discredit his publicly critical views of the Bush administration’s handling of the Iraq war. In response to those allegations, Provost Phil Hanlon released a statement acknowledging Cole’s longtime service and value as a “renowned Middle East scholar and popular teacher” in LSA, and declaring the university’s support for the principle of academic freedom.

UM-Flint students help with tornado damage cleanup
Four UM-Flint students recently made the 14-hour trip to Joplin, Mo., to volunteer their help after a deadly tornado in May destroyed much of that town. They said they wanted to see firsthand the type of damage a tornado can cause, and help those who lost so much.

The Michigan Difference

A matter of trust
Joe Burke certainly isn't the first attorney to grind out a seemingly endless series of 14-hour days. But not many can say they do so in a place like Lashkar Gah. Burke, a 1989 Law School graduate, is a foreign service officer with the U.S. Department of State in Afghanistan. As the senior American civilian in the British-led Provincial Reconstruction Team for Helmand Province he leads a group of about 120 civilians and a similar number of soldiers and Marines with the overarching goal of connecting the Afghan government to the Afghan people.